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Infiniti Dealership • Alabama • 2,426 Pieces Mailed • SOLD 14 NEW INFINITIS IN 7 DAYS!
Toyota Dealership • Missouri • BEST DIRECT MAIL EVENT WE HAVE EVER HAD!
Ford Dealership • Ohio • 5,000 Letters Mailed • 15 NEW VEHICLES SOLD IN ONE WEEK!
Ford Dealership • North Carolina • The day after their first direct mail hit mailboxes, they ordered the event for their other 13 dealerships!
Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Dealership • Florida • 8,000 Letters Mailed • had over 250 phone calls in one week!
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Direct Mail. Direct From Your Dealership To Your Customers

Most direct mail goes to one specific location. A trash can. That’s exactly where Wholesale Mail makes a difference.

With Wholesale Mail, we deliver quality, personalized content, in real pen where necessary, directly to your customers.

The Power Of Custom Creative

Choose a custom theme or a proven concept that has already delivered real-world results. Plus, all our emails and direct mails are co-op & compliance approved!

We can even add manufacturer logos to increase authenticity.

Chevrolet – Ford – Toyota – Honda – Nissan – Kia – Mercedes-Benz – Infiniti – Lexus – Acura – Buick – GMC – Chrysler – Dodge – Jeep – RAM – Hyundai – Volvo – Volkswagen

Move More Inventory With Wholesale Mail

Mail may have changed over the years but the concept of direct marketing has stayed the same.

Whether you are using email or the postal service, you need to stand out from the pack – so you need high-impact creative and laser-targeted mailing lists.

Conquest Email Delivers Genuine Results

Wholesale Mail brings actual documented sales to your dealership with strong creative, laser-targeted lists and a 1-2-3 punch to customers receiving the emails.

Our sophisticated, proven methodology delivers maximum value for all our email blast campaigns with over 200,000 emails sent over the lifetime of every campaign.

These email blasts can be sent for:

  • Targeted Buying Cycle Events
  • Saturation Mail
  • Subprime Events
  • Loan And Lease Termination
  • And More

Real Results. Real Returns. Real Easy

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